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Xiamen stone fair kicked off today, the company on behalf of the honor

2015-04-06 10:15:12 lanlingJinzhao New Materials Co., Ltd. Read
The 15th xiamen internationalstoneExhibition in March 6, 2015 grand opening, also arrived in xiamen earlier today on behalf of the company business communication and business promotion.(booth no. : H076) exhibition hall colorful stone, lifelikestoneOf large equipment, mines, the leading global stone material craft...This session of exhibition will lasts from March 6 to March 9, from 54 countries and regions, more than 2000 exhibitors out.Exhibition area of 166000 square meters, equivalent to 23 of the standard football fieldStone fair, believe that will let you find everything new and fresh.
Issue of the pavilion is the culmination of a stone fair each year, is also a big gathering place.Xiamen international stone fairEach booth is the high-quality goods issue of the pavilion, not only has the luxurious stone material, the more match with the imperial space-unit design, also arranged at the show series of activities such as product launches, interactive experience.

Convention and exhibition center stage four hot to open, the top square large outdoor exhibition area land, therefore affect the two temporary pavilions built last year.In order to meet the needs of exhibitors participating enthusiasm, the storm of the issue of the pavilion porch, G, K hall square before the hall plaza as well as the second phase of the west side of the pavilion and the third phase of the pavilion on the west side land for parking, have also set up "new booth".


Organizers in order to solve some exhibitors exhibition demand at the same time, the organizing committee for the first time enabled G hall hall underground area of nearly 4000 square meters as lightmechanicalTool exhibition area.At the same time, the pavilion in the corridors and the aisle also "with" the exhibitors, they are hardcover, new efforts to cloth, cloth out of the window, the "heat".


After fifteen years of accumulation, xiamen international stone fair has stone import and export trade platform on the basis of the development of industry of first-hand information collection and distribution center, become the vane of industry development.As China xiamen international stone fair is the most important supporting activities, world conference on stone has been committed to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with global stone industry, professional field covers the stone material application, architectural design and decoration, market analysis, forecast, technology research and development, supporting services such as the industrial chain, the whole market to the global stone industry set up the best, the most authoritative, the most complete communication platform.


This year, xiamen international stone fair again became the first of many stone industry enterprise product platform.Today, from the United States, Turkey and China's eight big mining companies will grab seats, global starting new stone 2015, at the same time, the machinery technology promotion will have three "heavyweight" enterprises to stand out, first published 2015 annual main product.On March 7, from Italy, Germany, Spain, India, China, the six world famous architects, designers and senior adviser, will lead the audience to explore the classic case variety of indoor and outdoor stone and new trends of product design, brainstorming, competitive exhibition kit kat originality, open design era.




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