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The mesa quartz, become the most popular

2015-04-06 10:22:30 lanlingJinzhao New Materials Co., Ltd. Read

The kitchen ishouseholdAdornment emphasis, make fashion kitchen, every corner is a key, we contact is one of the mostThe kitchen table, fashion kitchen without elegant appearance, environmental protection, the mesa anti-crack, dirt resistant easy to clean.At presentQuartz,Is the most popular kitchen countertops, small make up teach you how to faceQuartz,Market, choose high performance and fashionAmbry mesa

1. Hardness:Artificial stonestoneQuartz sandContent over 93%, inferior productsresinContent is too high.Hard blow with a knifeQuartz countertops, the high quality quartzplankWill not be scratched.

2. High temperature resistance, we can use the cigarette directly hot quartz plate surface, but the burning cigarette butts shuo don't leave any trace in the high quality quartz layout.

(3) corrosion resistance: high quality quartz not dopingThe marbleorgraniteThese mineral powder, calcium carbonate composition, with a certain proportion of acid drops in quartz plate surface, high quality quartz plate.

4. Plank fouling resistance: inferior quartz fouling resistance is poorer, soy sauce, vinegar and so on to stay inQuartz countertopsOn a day may be seeping into the mesa is difficult to clean.When buying a mesa use water-based pen leave scratches on quartz, high quality quartz simply used cloth gently wipe recovery if brightness is new, fully a trace.

5. Pay attention to plank crack resistance: because of the quartz plate quartz sand content over 93%, high hardness, high brittleness, low toughness at the same time, when the material can't afford to heat bilges cold shrink can appear when the inner stress cracking.Therefore, to choose high crack resistance of quartz.

6. The texture, color and kitchen integral collocation is important: from the perspective of the simple sense of plate, quartz stone are close to the natural stone, the poor quality of quartz, strong sense of plastic.High quality quartz color saturation is fruity, color bright, uniform particles, especially the complex color plate, color uniform smooth clear.Mesa should consider when choosing design and color with the kitchen door plank of color, pattern and other floor space integral style collocation.

7. Mesa process: when the choose and buy ambry, see the template ambry mesa, good processing technology, feeder handle perfectly, almost no connection joint.The unqualified processing will result in the crack of the mesa, rough processing technology also affect the aesthetic of mesa.

In addition the quartz plate produced by our company selling Europe and the United States and other developed countries, and higher barriers to trade, the products of our company with its demanding high standards are allowed to enter, plate not only high hardness, wear resistance, no scratches, and add the latest nano stains environmental protection technology, absolutely is the high-quality goods in quartz, welcome new and old customers come to visit.



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