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Artificial quartz plate or will take the ceramic bowl

2015-04-06 10:23:28 lanlingJinzhao New Materials Co., Ltd. Read

The current many ceramic tile factory involved in the manufacture of synthetic quartz plate and artificial quartz plate application domain gradually from hutch defends a space to the floor and walls of some large public space for the shop is stuck, caused the people's interests.Which sell synthetic quartz, the whole line equipment of some mechanical company sales manager, according to the company in the domestic sales of artificial quartz devices are mostly ceramics factory boss bought, used to make artificial quartz plate as a sideline in addition to the ceramic tile to run.
Artificial quartz from manufacturing point of view, compared with the brick of pottery and porcelain at the early stage of the energy saving and investment has a larger advantage.Compared with the brick of pottery and porcelain, the procedure is much simpler, not into the kiln burning, no spray tower, and so on, quartz sand and raw materials purchase is convenient, also can in which involved in raw material waste, such as broken glass to make the products of different colors, realize effective recycling of waste materials.Therefore, as opposed to a high energy consumption, pollution serious than brick of pottery and porcelain, has more advantages.
At the same time, the artificial quartz plates compared with natural stone also has the advantages of nots allow to ignore the first from the environmental protection is more advantage.Artificial quartz using quartz sand as main raw material, add some ingredients for suppression and become, its design and color is rich and colorful, effectively avoids the overexploitation of natural stone material, and able to absorb some of the waste materials, environmental protection significance.Second, the price is relatively natural stone material is much cheaper, adornment effect is not inferior to the natural stone material.
Because these outstanding features, with the support of government policy, in recent years, the artificial quartz equipment in domestic also began to rise, further reduce the production cost, to lay the foundation for the product in the future market.In recent years, as countries increasingly strict requirements for energy conservation and environmental protection, ceramic brick production threshold will be more and more high, restrictions will be tougher to ceramic tile production, under this trend, artificial quartz plate or will become a popular building decoration materials, from the points go a piece of brick of pottery and porcelain market naturally.



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